Insurance Companies in Sharjah

SHARJAH, U.A.E. has several well-established insurance companies giving various benefits to the people, catering to their needs, let us talk about them.

First of all, amongst the SHARJAH INSURANCE COMPANIES, we have,


Sharjah Insurance Company is one of the leading insurance companies which is based upon public shareholding. It was established in 1970 and was the first-ever company to have found in Sharjah. It was set up after the official order sent by the ruler of Sharjah and registered with the U.A.E. Federal Ministry of the economy. It offers a wide range of services in the range of insurance, like Engineering insurance, Property insurance, General Accident, liability insurance, Personal accident, Medical insurance, Marine insurance, Motor insurance, Health Insurance, etc.


Sharjah insurance company is located at Corniche streetball Khan district, Sharjah. The company offers its clients a comprehensive service combining technique and essential product and thereby gains the confidence of the employees. The company is organized into two business segments: dealing with all the sorts of insurances and the other section dealing with Investments. The contact number of the company is-+97165195666


It is rated as B- by Standard and Poor’s. Secondly, we have,


It is one of the most prominent amongst SHARJAH INSURANCE COMPANIES. It is a public shareholding company established in 1976, dealing with general insurance and reinsurance services. It offers Life, Property, and casualty insurance. It has superior capitalization and good underwriting earnings.

The company’s various services are Automobile insurance, marine hull, Cargo insurance, Marine hull, Cargo insurance, Engineering insurance, Life insurance, etc. and has exclusive coverage for the oil and gas production industry.

About the company

The company is located at 204,2nd floor, AL Reem Plaza, Corniche Road, Al Majaz District, Sharjah. It has TWO SEGMENTS where it provides insurance, 

  1. fire and general accident
  2. Marine and aviation

It also provides for reinsurance arrangement, thereby protecting the company’s customers from uncovered losses enabling the company to bear the risk for significant losses, hence adding onto the diversification of the business. The contact number of the company is-+97165753440


It is rated as A3 by Standard and Poor. 


Al Buhaira National Insurance Company is a reliable insurer amongst the SHARJAH INSURANCE COMPANIES with personalized services established in 1978. It has a paid-up capital of about AED 250 million and Assets of over AED 2.3 billion. Al Buhaira National Insurance Company deals in these segments of insurance, property, engineering, energy, liability, aviation, marine hull, cargo, Group life, motor travel, medical, home, and others.

About the company

Al Buhaira National Insurance Company is located at Sheikh Sagar Building, Corniche Street, Sharjah. This company deals in prompt customer service and customizes the services according to the customer’s needs, responding to their request, settling the claims quickly and accurately. 

The company has a strong financial base and is well managed. Just like all other insurance companies, it is organized into two segments, the first segment dealing with general insurance and the second segment dealing in investments.

The best part of the company is that it provides adequate protection to the insured from all kinds of risks and settles the claims conveniently and very impeccably. The contact number of the company is-+97192386089


It has got B + ratings from standard and poor. The fourth name in our list is,


Oman insurance company is one of the finest amongst the SHARJAH INSURANCE COMPANIES. It was established in 1975; its majority is owned by Mashreq Bank. It provides a range of insurance activities to individuals and corporate clients in segments like Life, Medical, and General insurance and offers Reinsurance services.

About the company

Oman Insurance Company is located at Majestic Tower, AL Khan-Corniche Street, Sharjah. The company offers an extensive list of benefits that can be mixed and matched to create personalized insurance plans, which are very affordable yet comprehensive, covering a lot of benefits at a low cost. 

It specializes in health insurance with 45 years of experience and offers the most affordable plans in health insurance. The company has been serving more than 5,00,000 members to date. It also has a low-cost insurance plan for employees with additional benefits. Through this plan, the employees can quickly get medical treatments across U.A.E.The contact number of the company is-+97165934180


This has been rated as A-excellent by Standard and Poor’s owing to its economical prices.

Assessing the details and finding the best

Assessing the details and features of all the SHARJAH INSURANCE COMPANIES, the best suited Insurance Company for the clients is Al BUHAIRA NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY, owing to its strong financial base and prompt services.

Why is it the best?

It immediately caters to customers’ demands and settles the claims correctly, which is mandatory for insurance companies to function correctly and smoothly. It provides excellent protection to the clients against all the losses, which is enough for an insurance company to be the best.

Which company is the most affordable?

In terms of the cost, I think, OMAN INSURANCE COMPANY would be the most affordable, amongst the SHARJAH INSURANCE COMPANIES, due to their cheap health plans for the clients and their Employee Health plans which have many additional benefits too and are very comprehensive.

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